VI Peel in Gainesville, Texas

Hello radiant skin! A VI peel is a great way to refresh, renew, and restore your skin, and we’re ready to give you all that and more, at Vitality Women’s Healthcare. A VI peel is a medium-depth chemical peel designed to penetrate the top layer of skin, giving you exfoliation to reveal newer and healthier skin. VI peels are a cocktail made of active ingredients that treat the signs of aging, smoothen skin texture, and even out your skin tone. As effective as it is, VI peels are on the gentler side of chemical peels, making this suitable for those with a sensitive skin type.

What happens during a VI Peel?

Your treatment provider will start skin preparation by cleansing your skin to remove any dirt and oil. The solution is then applied to your skin in two to four rounds, depending on how your skin responds.  Slight tingling may be felt during this process. After the second layer is applied, you may notice a frosting effect, as it dries on the skin leaving a white cast. This resolves in time or after cleansing your face 4-6 hours after the peel is applied. The blend of ingredients address concerns of texture, acne, and discoloration. Over the course of the week, your old skin will begin to shed and peel, revealing radiant and healthier skin!

Although the peeling process can last up to 5 days, the in-office treatment is carried out in about 30 minutes.

Benefits of a VI Peel

If you need to hit the reset button on your skin, VI peels at Vitality Women’s Healthcare, Gainesville, Texas, are an effective treatment for skin concerns including:


  • Smoothens rough texture
  • Removes dead skin cells and debris
  • Lightens sun spots, freckles, and age spots
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Improves acne and acne scars
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces oil production
  • Stimulates collagen production

When will I see results?

It typically takes about 3 days for the skin to peel, and you should see results when the peeling process is finished. It is important to wear sunscreen to protect your fresh, new skin and prevent any discoloration from sun exposure.

You will notice brighter glowing skin, and improved texture.

How long do results last?

With proper after care, your results can be enjoyed for up to 3-4 months before you will need another treatment! It is recommended to wait at least 4-6 weeks before another VI peel treatment.

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Different Types of VI Peels

The VI range of peels come in different strengths and mixes of active ingredients for addressing different skin concerns and levels of skin damage:

VI Peel – An anti-aging peel that refreshes the skin and keeps improves the appearance of wrinkles! A gentler formulation that is great for all skin types.

VI Precision – Even out your complexion with this peel! This targets discoloration in the skin.

VI Precision Plus – A stronger peel to even your complexion of stubborn sunspots and discoloration.

VI Advanced – For those and need a total reset, this is great for addressing more severe rough skin texture and sun damage.

VI Purify – Designed to specifically target acne by unclogging pores, and killing acne causing bacteria.

Each of these peels brighten up and freshen the skin. Your treatment provider will discuss with you which is the best option after assessing the condition of your skin, and your specific goals! 

What’s the downtime with VI Peels?

You may continue daily activities after VI Peels, however you will want to avoid sun exposure as your skin will be more sensitive. The peeling process will take about a week and it is important to follow the aftercare instructions given by your treatment provider. You should wear sunscreen after your new youthful skin has been revealed for protection against any sun damage.

Am I a good candidate?

VI Peels at Vitality Women’s Healthcare, Gainesville, Texas, are a great way to refresh the skin, for those looking to treat concerns with the superficial layers of skin. If you are looking to improve skin issues such as the appearance of deep wrinkles or sagging skin, a different treatment such as RF microneedling may be a better suited option for achieving firmer skin. Darker skin types are more prone to discoloration after chemical peels.

VI Peels contain TCA and Salicylic acid, which are not recommended for use on pregnant women.

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