Medical Grade Skin Care in Gainesville, Texas

Medical grade skin care products at Vitality Women’s Healthcare let you continue your skin rejuvenation at home and help boost the longevity of your results from our in-office treatments. Your skin will thank you for taking the extra steps to maintain your glow at home! The health of your skin is ever-changing and requires consistency in care to keep it’s youthful appearance and prevent premature aging. Our range of medical skin care products contain a higher level of active ingredients than products offered elsewhere, each designed to address different skin concerns to bring noticeable and significant improvements.

These products are best used in conjunction with our aesthetic treatments, to ensure proper care of your newly rejuvenated skin. The first step to flawless skin starts with you!

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REVEAL by Vitality

Introducing our very own medical grade skin care products at Vitality Women’s Healthcare in Gainesville, Texas! Formulated by experts with the highest quality clinically-proven ingredients, we’ll get to be a part of your daily skincare routine at home, helping you reach your most radiant glow in no time!

At Vitality Women’s Healthcare, we offer the best skin care products for results you can see and feel.

  •  Acne Cleanse

Fight acne with our skin clearing cleanser! With Glycolic acid to shed off the dull and dead skin, and salicylic acid to unclog and tighten those pores, you’ll be left smooth, clear, and pore-less in no time! This is among the most effective skin care products for acne.

  • Retinoin PM

Keep your skin looking youthful with our night-time retinol treatment! Packed with all-trans retinol, the gold standard for anti-aging and collagen production. Paired with plant-sourced bakuchiol, this treatment gives you the anti-aging benefits without the irritation!

  • 909 “Calm Cleanse”

Give your skin peace and serenity, with our calming cleanser! Antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E protect and nourish your skin, while green tea extract minimizes any redness and puffiness! Incorporating this into your daily routine will turn your skincare routine into a mini spa session!

  • Nourish Lite Moisturizer

Hello, moisture! Our sheer, oil-free moisturizer brings you hydration and nourishment without any heaviness or greasiness! With soothing aloe-vera, and healing antioxidants, your skin will get the treatment it deserves! Our moisturizer delivers the best of what skin care products for oily skin has to offer.

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From the makers of Xeomin, Neocutis is here to turn back time and give you a youthful glow! Skin care products in the range include high concentrations of nourishing ingredients and antioxidants to show your skin some love.

  • Aftercare

Your fresh new skin needs to be specially cared for after in-office treatments such as microneedling! Neocutis’ aftercare cream is here to sooth and protect your skin. Providing intense hydration, and a collagen boost, this cream will maximize the benefits of in-office treatments, and give your skin protection to maintain lasting results!

  • Bio Gel Firm

This daily treatment will quench your skin’s thirst, giving you all the hydration you need! With advanced formulation, this is among the industry leading skin care products for dry skin. Packed full of growth factors and peptides, this gel stimulates and supports the collagen production in your skin, making it the perfect anti-aging solution! Say hello to smoother, tighter, and more radiant skin.

  • Lumiere Firm

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so make sure those windows are well kept! With the Lumiere Firm eye cream, this formulation is specifically designed to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize any puffiness or dark circles! With a blend of nourishing ingredients such as vitamin c, growth factors, and peptides, you’ll revitalize and awaken your gaze as well as achieve more healthy skin.

Why choose medical grade skin care products?

Choosing skin care products to include in your routine can be a daunting task! With every skin concern and skin type, there are different ingredients and formulations that need to be taken into consideration. Medical grade skin care contains a higher concentration of active ingredients to nourish and repair your skin. These specialized skin care products work better to target specific concerns such as hyperpigmentation and photo-aging so you can see the improvements you’re looking for.

Medical grade skin care products for women and men at Vitality Women’s Healthcare in Gainesville, North Texas, offers a wide range of products for every skin type. With our expertise, a treatment plan will be provided to ensure you’re getting an in-office experience at home, for healthy and glowing skin. Our skincare products are clinically tested and proven to help rejuvenate your skin, so you get real results, and without irritation.