Tattoo Removal: Everything You Need To Know

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Everybody makes mistakes. If that ink you got no longer seems like the great idea as you once thought it was, no need to worry! We have the perfect solution for you with tattoo removal at Vitality Women’s Healthcare in Gainesville, Texas. Laser tattoo removal is regarded as the superior method for kissing goodbye to that ink because it is cost effective and delivers the most optimal improvement when compared to other treatment.

Using industry leading technology, we offer laser tattoo removal with our PicoCare system. This device is second to none when it comes to the comfort and speed of tattoo removal. With our expertise, we’re committed to giving you the best experience in your tattoo removal process.

How does tattoo removal work?

First, a topical anesthetic is administered, to ensure comfort and minimize any pain during treatment. We will then use the PicoCare system to deliver controlled pulses of laser to the skin, heating up the tattoo and breaking up the tattoo ink. Because the pigment in the tattoo is highly attracted to laser energy, the ink will begin to release from the skin and dissolve. Patients often describe the sensation of a mild rubber band snap; however, it is well tolerated. This process requires multiple sessions depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo and will significantly lighten them, so they are unnoticeable. In some cases, the unwanted tattoos can be completely removed.

Some factors that influence the efficacy of this treatment are tattoo color, size, and age. The larger the tattoo and colored the tattoo is, the more effort is required to be removed. Older tattoos are naturally easier to remove, as they will have naturally faded.

Black tattoos will be the easiest to treat because of the absorption of the laser wavelengths.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically, 7-10 sessions are needed. These laser treatments ideally should be placed 6-8 weeks apart for the best result. The number of required sessions may vary depending on the tattoo color and composition. A tailored treatment plan will be created for you to get as close to complete tattoo removal as possible.

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal at Vitality Women’s Healthcare in Gainesville, Texas, comes with many benefits:

  • Cost effective
  • Delivers best results compared to other methods
  • Low risk of scarring
  • Significantly lightens tattoo
  • Possibility of complete removal
  • Non-surgical
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Safest method, minimal risk of infection

PicoCare System

Laser tattoo removal treatment at Vitality Women’s Healthcare in Gainesville, Texas, is done with industry-leading technology, paired with our care and expertise to give you the best experience possible. The PicoCare system is the most effective device for tattoo removal procedures. Using an Nd:YAG laser opposed to the traditional Q-switched laser, it is effective on darker skin types and minimizes any chance of skin darkening.

There is a more photomechanical effect with less thermal effect on the skin, reducing trauma to the skin and minimizing any side effects that can occur with other laser tattoo removal devices. This method of tattoo removal is unmatched when compared to other devices and treatment.

This innovative system is commonly used to remove of severe and deep scars as well!

Preparation for tattoo removal

Arriving to the office with fresh skin, free of topical products such as moisturizer, sunscreen, or oils, is important. If there is excess hair in the areas being treated, it is advised to shave prior to your appointment.

Undergoing your series of treatments, you will need to avoid any sun exposure on your tattoo areas for a minimum of 4 weeks and stop using any self-tanning products at least 2 weeks prior.

This preparation will ensure your treatment will properly work and give you optimal results.

Recovery and Aftercare

There will be blisters and scabs that form after treatment. To avoid the chance of scarring, you will need to refrain from picking at your skin and allow it to heal naturally. An antibiotic ointment will be given for application post-treatment, to minimize the risk of infection.

Your wound area will be dressed in gauze that needs to be kept on for a few days. This may be removed to shower, using only mild soap on the treatment area to avoid irritation.

Following proper aftercare is important to receive optimal results, and your treatment provider will discuss this with you with further instruction.

Am I a good candidate for Tattoo Removal? 

If you have unwanted tattoos anywhere on your body, they can be removed! You’re a good candidate if you are set on erasing your ink. Giving you the best and most comfortable experience is our priority here at Vitality Women’s Healthcare in Gainesville, Texas.

Call us now on (940) 286-4344 to schedule an appointment!

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