5 Amazing Treatments To Try When Your Acne Won’t Clear

Perfect your Valentine's Day! 3 Treatments to look your best.

Acne affects millions of people worldwide and is the most common skin condition. It’s estimated that 80% of adults have experienced some form of acne in their lives. Although there are countless skin care products and remedies, the rise in demand for acne treatments is steadily rising due to their effectiveness over topical acne products. It’s time to forget skincare products that make your acne worse and leave it to the professionals to give you smoother and clearer skin.

If you’ve been struggling with stubborn acne, we’ve got great news for you. Here are the five best treatments to consider for all types of acne!


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that uses tiny crystals to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin. It can be used on any part of your body including your face, neck, chest, back, arms, legs, or even hands.

How it works

During this treatment, an abrasive pad with small crystals attached to it is applied to your skin. As the crystals rub against your skin, they remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities, to keep your pores clean and clear. They also stimulate new cell growth in the area being treated.

Who should consider microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is best for those with mild acne and acne scars. If you’re constantly struggling with black heads and congested skin, this is the treatment for you! You may require one session per week for optimal results. (However, some people find that two sessions per week more effective.) A series of treatments can be performed initially, followed by more spaced-out maintenance sessions.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are designed to specifically target and combat acne, unclogging pores and killing acne causing bacteria! Using a chemical peel is a great way to hit the reset button on your skin, as it completely sheds the top layer of dead skin and debris, and effectively reduces oil production to reduce the occurrence of acne-causing clogged pores. At Vitality Women’s Healthcare, we offer the VI Purify range of peels.

How it works

A chemical peel is performed by applying a special solution to your skin, which then penetrates the layers below the surface. The solution contains active ingredients such as salicylic acid that work to unclog pores and break down the outermost layer of your skin, revealing fresh, healthy skin underneath. This process removes the top layer of dead cells, leaving behind a smooth, glowing complexion.

Who should consider a chemical peel?

This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of acne and acne scars and is suffering from severe acne. Chemical peels are highly customizable treatments, ranging in depth of penetration and exfoliation. Our VI peel range can treat mild to severe acne, each formulated with different levels of severity in mind. The VI peel is suitable for all skin types and color.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is used for moderate acne that can be unresponsive to other treatments, using specialized blue led lights to prevent and treat existing breakouts. Receiving Blue Light Therapy also reduces inflammation in the skin. It is safe, effective, and requires just a 30-minute in-office session!

How it works

Blue light therapy uses blue led lights that develop oxygen radicals to specifically target acne-causing bacteria. This treatment is painless, quick, and easy. All you need to do is sit under a blue light targeted at your facial skin for 20-30 minutes, and you’re done. It’s painless, non-invasive, and requires no downtime!

Who should consider blue light therapy?

If you aren’t seeing the results you want from products like benzoyl peroxide and other skin treatments, then this treatment may be what you need! This works best for those facing mild to moderate acne and it is recommended to be carried out twice a week.

Ultrasonic Scrubber

Ultrasonic scrubbers are best for keeping your pores unlogged, removing dirt, debris, and sebum from your skin. By giving your skin a deep clean, pimple formation is prevented, eliminating deep blemishes that can cause scarring.

How it works

By using a metal spatula like device and high frequency vibrations, this unclogs deeply congested skin, and gently exfoliates the top layers of skin. This deeply cleanses the skin and can reduce the appearance of large pores. With the ability to remove the build-up of dead skin, dirt and oil, skin care products penetrate the skin better, boosting effectiveness.

Who should consider the Ultrasonic Scrubber?

Ultrasonic scrubbers are best for those who have problem areas of clogged pores, such as on the nose. This is a great addition to other acne treatments and is ideal for preventing acne in those who get the occasional stubborn pimple.

Carbon Laser Peel 

A Carbon Laser peel can be used to treat all levels of acne and acne scars. The aggressiveness of the laser treatment and type of laser depends on the skin condition treated. The carbon laser peel is a non-aggressive treatment to deep cleanse the skin, removing factors that contribute to and promote acne. It can be performed in as little as 30 minutes with minimal discomfort. There is little recovery time and patients can usually resume normal activity right away with healthy glowing skin.

How it works?

Carbon solution is applied which penetrates deep into the pores of your skin to bind with oil, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Laser energy is then used to remove the dried carbon solution. The carbon absorbs the heat and energy of the laser to vaporize the skin contaminants and debris absorbed by the carbon. This peel can be carried out as often as every 2 weeks initially, followed by maintenance sessions to continue effectiveness.

Who should consider a carbon laser peel?

This treatment is designed for those with medium to light skin color that have not been in the direct sun for two weeks. For patients with mild to moderate acne battling excess oil production, large pores, dull skin appearance, and uneven skin tone, a carbon laser peel is an excellent adjunct to an acne skin care regimen. Expect brighter, fresher appearing skin!

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